LaravelAt VentureCraft, our framework of choice for the last couple of years now has been the extremely popular Laravel.

What is laravel?

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that has taken the PHP world by storm and is growing at a steady pace thanks to it’s ability to allow for both simple and flexible development right up to supporting the most complex of applications.

VentureCraft + Laravel

We previously developed applications in CodeIgniter and CakePHP, however after discovering Laravel in late 2011 via a comment from its creator on a blog post we wrote, and comparing it to other frameworks, its footprint, modularisation, feature set and composer based approach it was a no brainer to move to Laravel for any new projects.

We’ve made multiple contributions to the core framework as well as created and released multiple open source packages to use with laravel including revisionable which allows developers to keep a revision of any data with a single line of code, it has been downloaded over 6,000 times to date.

Projects we’ve built with Laravel